22 Jul

How To Improve Your Deck: 14 Ideas That’ll Make Deck Life Better
By: Xtreme eDeals

There are very few things as satisfying as relaxing on your deck after a hard day of work. When the sun’s shining, you can pull up a chair, grab your favorite book, and sip on a refreshing beverage. But could your deck be even better than it is now? Here are some top tips on how to improve your deck area and make the most of it year-round. 

1. A Fresh Finish

The elements can take their toll on a wood deck. Wet and cold winters can be an invitation for moss, and warm, harsh summers dry it out and cause fading. So, if you’ve been thinking of ways to give your deck a new lease on life, then start with its finish. 

Given the exposure to the elements and the traffic decking materials can see, you can expect to re-stain your deck every few years. A quality stain and sealer can penetrate the wood grain and protect it from moisture and fading so that it looks a million dollars. 

2. Add Outdoor Furniture

A deck with nothing on it can be quite dull. How are you supposed to enjoy it? One way to improve your deck and make a dramatic impact on your its appeal is with the addition of outdoor furniture.

Dining sets, benches, and loungers can all make it appear far more homely. Just remember to purchase covers to protect your new furniture from the elements, as well.   

3. Outdoor Lighting

Sunbathing and relaxing on your private deck is a fun pastime for many people. But what happens when the sun goes down? You have to go inside because you can no longer see what you’re doing.

So, it’s a no-brainer that outdoor lighting can be the answer. From solar lighting and fairy lights to professionally-installed lighting, there are plenty of options from which to choose. 

4. Add a Focal Point

A focal point on a deck can be anything you want it to be, as long as it’s central and an eye-catcher. For example, some people might like the idea of a raised fire pit for toasting marshmallows with their loved ones. 

Others might even see the value in a spa pool so that they have a reason to invite over friends and family. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a far easier time of trying to improve your deck around something significant of focus. 

5. Improve Indoor-Outdoor Flow

In recent years, homeowners have made their decks an extension of their indoor area. If you’ve struggled to give your deck some life, then try and do the same.

Make use of area rugs that can help with that seamless flow or even shade sails that welcome you from the indoors to the outdoors.   

6. Match Your Home Décor

If you’ve got a knack for home décor, then make your deck your next mission. Believe it or not, you can greatly improve the aesthetics of your property by aligning the theme of your home with that of your deck.

Try and use the same trim colors and materials. You can even find outdoor furniture that looks similar to what you have indoors.    

7. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

How frequently do you find yourself trying to find an outdoor table at a café on a warm summer’s day? There’s something truly special about al fresco dining. And while there is probably nothing wrong with your indoor dining area and kitchen, wouldn’t it be nice to take advantage of the beautiful weather? 

Add an outdoor kitchen, or even a basic grill, and cook up a storm in the great outdoors. You can enjoy an intimate outdoor dining experience with your family, or welcome your neighbors and friends around, as well. 

8. Consider a Built-In Jacuzzi

If you’ve got no space for a large spa pool or swimming pool to elevate the appeal of your deck, then why not a built-in jacuzzi?

With the help of experts, you may be able to cut a large hole in your deck for a sunken-in pool for everyone to enjoy. Having it in the deck rather than on it also creates an illusion of more space.   

9. Theme It

If you can’t go on vacation, then bring the vacation to you. Get creative in your outdoor space by theming your deck.

Why not go for that tropical vibe with brush fencing, fairy lights, and wicker furniture? Relaxing in your outdoor entertainment area can be like a holiday in its own right. 

10. Create Areas

Your deck doesn’t have to be a large open space. Why not create separate areas in it? For example, you can have an intimate dining area with an outdoor dining set, a grill, and a privacy screen.

Then, in another part, you can have a fire pit or spa pool, along with seating and lighting. You’ll love being able to invite friends and family over to enjoy it.   

11. Go Green

Not only does having plants in your outdoor space do wonders for your mental health, but they can enhance the aesthetics, too.

Choose your favorite shrubs and pot plants and dot them around your deck. Plants also have the surprising benefit of offering privacy and dampening sound. 

12. Add a Pop of Color

Painting your deck in a bright color is generally not a good idea. The layer of paint can trap moisture, leading to bubbles and cracks. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t have color on your deck.

Consider purchasing vibrant pots to house your plants. You can even invest in colorful furniture that looks beautiful against a backdrop of sunshine.    

13. Add Shelter

It can often appear like you have a small window of opportunity to use your deck. If it’s raining, that window is even more narrow.

Why not add a canopy or overhang for shelter? You can then sit on your outdoor furniture no matter the weather.    

14. Make it Private

It can be quite frustrating trying to entertain friends and family, only to see your neighbors hanging their washing on the line. There are a myriad of different ways you can make your deck private. You can invest in tall shrubs, planter boxes, privacy screens, and even trellis. These can also dampen sound as a bonus.     

A Delightful Deck Your Family Will Love  

A deck attached to your home can be a blank canvas. So, release your inner artist and turn it into an outdoor paradise. Give your entertainment area a new lease on life with outdoor furniture, accessories, and even fresh staining to enhance its natural color. The summer months ahead can then look more exciting than ever before. 

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