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26 Oct

It’s true: Door designs are often overlooked. We can get creative with every part of our home – from its layout to the technology and even building materials — but one thing that’s often lacking is creativity with doors.

Be it the entry door or internal doors; they just aren’t as exciting as they could be.

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, here are 15 door designs that are nothing short of innovative.

1. The Focus Door

the focus door by marcus gustafsson from sweden

Image: Marcus Gustafsson 

If you can’t decide whether you want visibility or privacy, then the Focus Door lets you have both. This door has several thin sheets of glass grouped together and pointing to the center. When you look at the door head-on, you can see outside. When you view it from an angle, it becomes blurred.

2. A Knobby Light


Image: Boom Design
How many times have you had to fumble for the doorknob while visiting the toilet at night? Those days could be over if you invest in a Knobby Light.

Produced by designer Jeong-Sun Park, this handle/light has an internal generator that stores energy then illuminates it when you need it the most.

3. Light + Air Door

luna door

Image: Seven 02
Seven02 Design came up with a door concept that’s both mind-blowing and simple. If you want privacy 90 percent of the time, but light and air for the other ten percent, then purchase this Light + Air door. By sliding a knob, holes appear throughout the door to let both air and light stream through.

4. A Stenciled Door

stencil door

Image: FAA
Entry doors to your home don’t have to be boring. Nor do they have to be one solid color. Why not get creative with stencils? The best part is, you can buy them or make your own. With a quick coat of paint, you can then paint over them and do something different.

5. Defendius Door Latch


Image: Defendius
While practicality is lacking with this door latch, you can’t deny that it’s a fun addition to any door. You have to complete the maze with the chain to be able to unlock your door from the inside. Are you trying to get your friends to stay at your house longer? Use this chain. You could delay their exit by minutes.

6. Ping Pong Door


Image: Tobias Franzel

A sense of community is more important now than ever before. If you have a hard time getting to know your neighbors, this ping pong door can help. While it functions as a standard door, it then swings down to form a ping pong table. The next time your neighbors knock for a cup of sugar, throw a table tennis racket in their hand and get the game started.

7. Door Decals

miss you already

Image: Driven By Decor
While you could invest in tins of paint to revitalize your door, there’s a more affordable and creative way to go about it. Door decals, for example, can give your internal and external doors a new lease on life. The best part is, there are thousands of options from which to choose – and most are easy to apply and remove.

8. Wallpapered Doors

Image: House Beautiful
Who said your door had to stand out from the rest of your room? If you have wallpapered rooms, then consider how beautiful your door would look with that same wallpaper. All of a sudden, your entry doors around your home can become part of the wall, creating a seamless layout from one room to the next.

9. Barn-Style Doors

rustic rolling doors

Image: Rustic Rolling Doors
Most homes have swing-open doors that work just fine. But what if you want to be just that little more creative? A beautiful door design that’s taking the market by storm is the barn-style door. It’s a space-saver while also adding a rustic flair to any abode.

10. Mirrored Doors

saw dust girl

Image: Saw Dust Girl
If you want to add a sense of space to your home, you won’t get that with a standard interior door. However, you might just get it with a mirrored door. It’s a well-known fact that having mirrors in your home makes it look larger than it is, but why stop at mirrors? Invest in a door with mirrors instead of glass, and you can make your tiny home look like a mansion.

11. Folding Door

Image: Milcasa
If you want to confuse everyone who visits your home, this folding door known as the Compack 180 System can help. Rather than opening like a standard door, it folds into itself. The best part is, it moves fluidly without sound.

12. The Curtain Door


Image: Matharoo Associates
Architectural firm Matharoo Associates came up with one of the most unique doors in existence. Known as the curtain door, it features 40 Burma teak sections, 160 pulleys, 80 ball bearings, a hidden counterweight, and one wire rope. It sounds like a lot, but there’s no grander entrance than one that requires an architect to create.

13. Chalk Paint Door

chalk paint

Image: Chalk Paint Calendar
Have you ever had an important thought and knew you needed to write it down immediately? You rummage around for a pen and paper, but by that point, you’ve forgotten. If you invested in a chalk painted door design, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Add chalk paint to your internal doors and flex your creative muscles. Use your entries as giant shopping lists or artboards.

14. Moving Walls

moving walls

Image: Apartment Therapy
Doors are boring. Why do we need them? Well, designer Lotty Lindeman says that we don’t. Instead, you can have moving walls that make every room in your house look like a secret bunker. This playful door is perfect for any homeowner who loves having plenty of space for artwork but often feels restricted by each room’s entry point.

15. The Disappearing Doorknob

doorknob signal

Image: Arnaud Lapierre
A “do not disturb” sign doesn’t always work, especially if you’ve got parents who have said things like “my house, my rules.” You can solve the problem of unwelcome guests by investing in the Disappearing Doorknob.
As the name suggests, you can remove the doorknob on the outside while you’re safely on the inside. It’s both a security measure and a way to stop annoying visitors from disturbing you.

If you have an interesting idea to add to our door designs list, feel free to message us in the comments section below or in near real time on our Facebook fan page!

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