28 Jul

23 Patio Designs For A Dreamy Backyard
By: Xtreme eDeals

If you’re struggling to design the perfect space in your yard for relaxing and entertaining, you’re in luck. We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the most desirable and dreamy backyard patio designs. 

1. Beautiful Beachside Design

patio fence design

Source: Ricardo Labougle

This gorgeous beachside patio area designed by Mario Connio is positioned on the coast of Uruguay. It boasts coastal-style eucalyptus poles with a shaded area, sprawling deck, and beach-themed outdoor furniture.

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Even those who don’t live by the beach can incorporate this style into their backyard. 

2. Petite Patio With Boho Chic Theme

patio designs

Source: Ricardo Labougle

Even with very little space to spare, it’s not impossible to work your magic. This quaint boho chic patio in Santa Monica, California, has utilized a small amount of space with a huge impact.

All you need is a pergola, a few paving stones, and a matching outdoor dining set. 

3. Intimate Courtyard With Fireplace


Source: Douglas Friedman Photography

Intimate doesn’t have to mean cramped. A few chairs around a fire pit can turn a petite patio space into one that promotes togetherness and late-night entertainment.

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The best part is, you can enjoy a patio space like this one with just a few purchases. 

4. A Vibrant Outdoor Space

vintage patio

Source: Fabien Charuau Photography

Not everyone has plenty of greenery to include in their patio area. As it turns out, you don’t need it.

Just like this colorful apartment in Mumbai, you can transform your small outdoor patio area with flea market finds and vibrant tapestries. 

5. Focus On Lighting

lighting on patio

Source: Lisa Romerein Photography

Rather than retreat inside once night falls, light up your patio area. There are many different options, such as string lights, a fire pit, and even path lighting.

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This Lonni Paul-designed patio is proof of what’s possible. 

6. A Patio With Moroccan Inspiration

patio design ideas

Source: Christopher Stark

With plenty of protection from the elements, there’s no reason why you can’t welcome soft furnishings into your patio area.

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You can also introduce some Moroccan features by piling up the pillows and investing in brass pendant lamps. Your patio could end up looking as good as this porch designed by Holly Kopman. 

7. A Neutral Delight

neutral delight

Source: Hector M. Sanchez

With combinations of whites, greys, blacks, and browns, you could have an attractive and largely neutral outdoor space for all to enjoy.

Such color combinations can also add an authentic Moroccan feel. This look can be achieved in both small patio areas and spacious outdoor spaces. 

8. Charming Dining Porch Area

patio design

Source: William Waldron

If you have a porch area connected to your home and no idea what to do with it, turn it into a charming dining area.

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During the warmer months of the year, you can style the space with outdoor furniture and soft furnishings. 

9. Patio With Garden Wall Shelter

green wall patio design

Source: Simon Upton

Welcome nature and privacy into your patio area with a live garden wall.

This can form the backdrop of your entertainment space, with the only other addition needing to be a nature-styled outdoor furniture set to complete the look. 

10. A Lounge Area In The Mountainside

patio design

Source:The Ingalls

With a mountainous backdrop and often cold temperatures once night falls, it makes sense to create a comfortable and warm outdoor lounge area.

It’s sheltered from the elements, has space for soft furnishings, and can even incorporate a fireplace and TV for warmth and entertainment. 

11. Beautiful Beachfront Balcony

patio design

Source: Douglas Friedman Photography

If you’re the proud owner of a beachfront property, don’t look past coastal colors and light hues for your balcony.

Light, white, and sea-friendly furniture can blend in seamlessly with your surroundings while also providing plenty of entertaining options for loved ones. 

12. Quaint And Private Patio

patio design

Source: Mikkel Vang

Make your patio area look like it’s from a small French town with a few lovely additions.

A cottage-style dining set, some outdoor plants, and brick pathways can all promote a sense of serenity, seclusion, and privacy. 

13. Rustic Space In California

patio design

Source: Miguel Flores-Vianna

Sometimes, simple done right is better than classy done poorly. This rustic patio space in California is the epitome of success in simplicity.

All you need to replicate it is a small patio space, a day bed, a few outdoor plants, and chairs for friends and family. 

14. Limestone And Stucco Patio

patio design

Source: William Waldron

If you’ve got a structural wall bordering your small patio space, you’ve got a sound foundation from which to work.

Hang plants and artwork on the wall, and pair them seamlessly with a table and chairs, rug, and table decorations. 

15. Well-Executed Poolside Patio

poolside patio

Source: James Merrell

It’s never that easy to plan a patio area around a swimming pool. However, there are a few simple additions that may help.

Include an awning, some outdoor furniture, and topiaries for defined area separation. 

16. Sundrenched Patio With Tree Canopy

patio with tree canopy

Source: William Waldron

Any patio area with a tree canopy and plenty of sunshine is already beautiful. Still, there are certainly ways to enhance its beauty.

Invest in gorgeous lantern lighting, wicker chairs, and charming stone pavers to complete the look. 

17. Private And Contemporary Terrace In New York City

new york patio design

Source: Joshua McHugh

With modernity the aim of the game, you may find it hard to make your terrace area as contemporary as possible.

With stylish materials like aluminum paired with warming wood hues like Cedar, you can have a recipe for success. Just don’t forget to add a few plants for color. 

18. A Private Rooftop Patio

private rooftop patio

Source: Douglas Friedman Photography

While natural elements may be lacking in a rooftop patio, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a welcoming entertainment area.

Tie in the design with your home’s theme by using neutral, stark colors like black and white. Achieve a burst of color with a tall pot plant. 

19. A Multi-Purpose Outdoor Dining Space

patio design

Source: Joe Schmelzer

Very little space to spare, your outdoor dining area may need to do many things.

With forward-thinking and planning, you can turn your outdoor space into somewhere you can relax, work, entertain, and grow plants. 

20. A Cool Winter Patio

cool winter patio

Source: Douglas Friedman Photography

Who said outdoor entertaining was just for summer? Embrace the beauty of winter with a winter patio space.

An outdoor fireplace, Christmas trees, and furniture made from weather-safe materials can transform any drab and wet outdoor area. 

21. Backyard Lounge Space

backyard lounge space

Source: Ricardo Labougle

With views and beautiful weather to enjoy, it makes sense to spend as much time outside as possible.

Create a comfortable outdoor lounge, complete with a dining set, sofa, hammock swing, and shelter. Day or night, your outdoor area can be functional and comfortable. 

22. Modern Townhouse Patio

patio design

Source: Douglas Friedman Photography

You may be quite surprised at how easy it is to spruce up a modern townhouse patio space.

Some teak furniture, a beautiful boxwood hedge, and some lush blankets can provide the perfect entertainer’s paradise. 

23. Unique Patio Furnishings

patio design

Source: Björn Wallander

If your outdoor space doesn’t appear to be anything special, make it special with unique furnishings.

Unique, quirky furniture and flea market finds can transform a dull patio area into one of whimsy and mystery.


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