14 Jul

15 Wooden Gate Designs That Will Inspire You
By Xtreme eDeals

Even if you found it straightforward to choose the fence design of your dreams, the gate can be a different story. It’s the grand entrance to your home and you want it to stand out for all the right reasons. 

With your heart set on wooden gate designs, you may be surprised at just how many wonderful options are out there. Without further ado, here are 15 wooden gate designs that may suit your every need. 

‘Secret’ Hedge Gate

If the entrance to your property is one big, lush, gorgeous hedge, there’s no reason why you have to tear it down to put up a fence and gate. Instead, you can purchase a solid wood gate that connects to hidden pillars in the hedge. 

Such a gate offers the illusion that a secret, whimsical fairyland lies behind it. In reality, it can just be your very private property. 

Traditional White Picket Gate

If you’ve already got a white picket fence, or you’re going for that British garden theme, a white picket gate can be the cherry on top. 

This gate design is affordable, easy-care, and as pretty as a picture. Every time you put on a fresh coat of paint, it’s like you’ve just purchased a brand new gate. They are also easy to install.   

Rustic Wood Gate

If your gate’s purpose is not so much to keep people and pets in or out but to add to the appeal of your home, you can’t go wrong with a rustic wood gate.

Rural and semi-rural abodes with sprawling lawns and humble cottages can undoubtedly be enhanced with a rustic wood gate completing the look. These gates also pair beautifully with wood or stone fencing while being easy-care due to their ‘perfection in imperfection’ appeal. 

Handmade Wooden Gate

If you want your gate to stand out from the crowd, you can have it do just that by creating a wooden gate by hand.

You might have branches, twigs, and spare wood lying around your property that you can put to good use. There are endless ways to build a solid, character-filled gate, so don’t rule this option out. 

Farm Gates

One gate style you will find for sale in abundance is farm gates. Given how many farmers need them, you will never have any problems tracking one down.

Farm gates feature a simple wood design with steel brackets. As simple as they are, they can also be quite striking when paired with an equally as simple wooden gate and a gorgeous rural backdrop.   

Wood And Stone Combination Gate

If you’re blessed with a sound solid stone fence bordering your property boundary, the options are endless for how you can create a grand entrance. A wooden gate or doors encapsulated within a stone or concrete frame can be a show-stopper look for any property. 

Small Feature Gate

Even though you might only need a small gate to fill the gap in your fence, that doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement. Make your gate contrast or complement your fence design. It has the same effect that a brightly colored door has on a home. 

Oversized Gates

Even if you don’t need a large or tall gate doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. Sometimes, a small wooden fence can be improved significantly with the addition of a large, imposing, ‘feature’ gate.

It can look even better if the gate has been repurposed from something else, like a house door.   

Pergola-Style Gate

If you’re passionate about architecture, you likely want to let that shine through when you’re building your brand new gate.

Welcome a taste of ancient architecture with a pergola-style gate. While the pergola itself may not serve a useful purpose, it can offer your property a grand entrance.   

A Hidden Gate

While perhaps not suitable for the main entrance to your property, a ‘hidden’ gate can be an ideal option in your garden. They can be nestled within a hedge, covered with vine, or simply blended in with the colors of the surrounding materials. 

Hidden gates can be almost whimsical while offering the illusion that some top-secret things are hidden behind them.   

Painted Wooden Gate

Who said your wooden gate had to be natural and drab? You can liven up your property boundary with a vibrant painted gate.

Pick a color that represents who you are and ties in with other bright colors around your home. You can also paint the gate a new color whenever you please. 

Upcycled Wooden Gate

People make fences out of other wooden items all the time. So, there’s no reason why you can’t do the same with your gate.

Find wooden items you can turn into a unique, beautiful entrance that’s more of a work-of-art than a gate. If you aren’t the creative type, a local artist may be more than willing to help with the project.   

Lattice Gates

What many people don’t like about solid wood gates is the lack of sunshine. While they do add plenty of privacy, it can be at the loss of much-needed light.

Combat that problem with lattice gates. You can still enjoy a solid boundary gate, but light is able to filter through the many gaps. These gate types are also easy to build yourself. 

Gate Door Hybrids

If you’ve ever fumbled with a stranger’s gate lock, you’ll know just how frustrating they can be. So, when the time comes to build your new gate, consider a gate door hybrid.

It still functions as a gate but looks more like a door. Visitors can simply turn the handle as if they’re opening the front door to your home. 

Stable Door Style

If the boundary to your property consists of high stone or concrete walls, get creative with your gate. A barn-style door can be both elegant and rustic at the same time while offering a sound entrance to your home.   


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