18 Aug

Today we talk about 15 easy and affordable ways on how you can improve your backyard experience. If you love to spend time at home or want to make your outdoor space more comfortable, this post is for you!

Let’s go.

1. Build a Deck

build a deck

Image: Pixabay

Decks are an excellent way to form an outdoor entertainment paradise. You can have them separate from your home or connect them to it, and get creative with how you make use of your newfound space. The best part is, with the right knowledge and connections, decks don’t have to be a significant investment. Yet, they can add plenty of value to your property. 

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2. Install Gate Inserts

gate inserts

Gates can be necessary for keeping small children and pets inside your property and unwanted visitors out. But if you don’t choose the right fencing materials, they can be rather dull.

Your standard wooden fence can suddenly become a piece of art with something as simple as a gate insert. You can put them in existing barriers or have a new fence built with them already in place. 

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3. Plant a Tree

plant tree

It can be nice starting out with your yard as a blank canvas, but how do you turn it into a beautiful oasis? A tree can certainly be that ideal first step. Plant a tree and landscape around it with beautiful pathways, seating areas, and gardens.   

4. Create a Stone Path

stone backyard

If your yard is suffering from a severe case of disconnect, then stone paths can be the remedy. Stones are affordable to buy or acquire, and it doesn’t take expert assistance to put them in place.

Form pathways to the areas of your property you’d like to visit the most, such as a patio area, a barbeque spot, or a garden you love to view. 

5. Create Shade with a Pergola


Yards are made to be enjoyed, but summer can be testing. With the intense sun beating down, you may feel like you can only spend a short amount of time outside.

With a pergola, that can all change. These cost-effective backyard additions provide the perfect amount of shade for you to be able to relax with a book or enjoy meals with friends. You can also get those beautiful balusters as well to give your railing that special look.

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6. Install String Lights

string lights

Nothing says ‘beautiful outdoor space’ quite like string lights. String lights from Minetom are shatterproof and weatherproof, 48 feet long, and come with 15 energy-saving bulbs.

All bulbs are spaced 36 inches apart and can be used with a dimmer switch. They also come with a two-prong plug and can be installed inside or outside your home. 

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7. Paint a Mural

buy mural

If you’ve got a spare wall in your backyard and a talented family member, why not create a wall mural? You can add a lot of life and excitement to your backyard, with only the cost of the paint. Take note of your color choices because you can then purchase soft furnishings to match. 

8. Grow a Vertical Garden

grow vertical garden

Not everyone is blessed with a large backyard. You might feel like you don’t have enough room to grow a beautiful garden, but you just might. A vertical garden is something you can attach onto your wall or fence and produce all manner of plants. 

Use it for vegetables, herbs, or vibrant flowers. They are easy to install, come in custom sizing, and sometimes even feature recycled materials.

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9. Add Outdoor Dining Furniture  

dining table

Image: Imax St

If your yard is a blank canvas, with just a bit of lawn and a few flowers, there is so much you can do with very little. Simply by adding some outdoor furniture, you can have that outdoor paradise you’ve always dreamed of. Just make sure you purchase weather-friendly furniture that will survive in adverse weather conditions. 

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10. Invest in Outdoor Rugs

rugs - deck

Image: Ahoya

It can be hard to revitalize an outdoor space that looks disconnected and lackluster. Even with a few lovely pieces of furniture, cohesion can be lacking. Get that back with a big, beautiful, and vibrant outdoor rug.

Position your outdoor furniture around it, and you all of a sudden have a stunning backyard space to enjoy. 

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11. Add Post Caps

post caps

Add a sense of flair and style to your backyard with post caps. You can install these on the ends of fences, stairways, or almost anywhere you please. The best part is, they are incredibly affordable and can be made to suit your unique style and tastes. 

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12. Install a Fire Pit

fire pit

Image: Pixabay

It’s easy enough to spend time in your backyard during the day, but what about at night? There isn’t all that much to do, so you and your guests retreat into your home. If you install a fire pit in your backyard, the fun can continue long into the night. Fire pits are an excellent option for entertaining and can even come with matching seating.   

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13. Build an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Source: Outdoor Kitchen

As any homeowner will know, the kitchen is the heart of the home. If the exterior of your home is lacking that ‘heart,’ then consider bringing it back with an outdoor kitchen.

You can install them under a pergola or out in the open and build them to whatever budget you have. Even a simple barbeque and bench with some lighting can give your backyard some much-needed style.   

14. Get Creative with Solar Lighting

solar lighting

Source: Gigalumi

It can often be easier to entertain guests outside than it is inside. However, once night falls, visibility can become an issue. That’s why if you’re looking to give your backyard a facelift, you should consider some form of outdoor lighting. 

It can be something as simple as string lights or solar lights or something more complex like hanging lights and in-stair lighting. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to find that your outdoor space looks far more welcoming at night.   

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15. Use Rocks

glow in dark rocks

Source: Pixabay

Many landscaping materials you buy can be quite costly. However, you’ll often find that one of the most affordable options are rocks. Small and large rocks can both be welcome additions in your backyard for giving it a facelift. 

Use them to frame gardens, make ponds, build walls, or form pathways. Choose large enough rocks, and they can even become sculptures in your garden. You may be surprised at just how much these natural materials are suitable for. 

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