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17 Sep

We all know a Mister or Misses Fixit. They love fixing and building things around the house and they love talking about their tools. So today we pay homage to our handy saviors and highlight 7 top-rated home power tools on Amazon that’ll help any DIY builder or professional repair person get the job done.

Home Power Tool 1. Makita Orbit Sander

top rated power tools for the home you can buy on amazon

Source: Makita

This hand sander is one of our favorite home power tools from the litter. It features a 3-amp motor, variable speed control dial (4,000–12,000 OPM), ergonomic rubberized palm grip and handles, adjustable front handle, large two-finger trigger switch large 1/8″, random orbit action, and pad control system.

Raving Online Review: “I’ve been using a Makita Palm Sander for everything for years and I love it. However, sometimes you just need an orbital sander to take off a bit more material. I use this sander almost daily in my wood shop (garage). I bought a box of various grits of sandpaper disks and am sanding the daylights out of everything. I am using the 80 grit to smooth out pallet wood and the finer grits to smooth out shelving and pine. A real pleasure to use.” —dyle51

Price: $79+ (also available with bag)

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Home Power Tool 2. 16-inch Electric Chainsaw


Source: Worx

If you love cutting and making a bonfire, this chainsaw sure will help you expedite the process. Boasting a 14.5 Amp motor, patented auto-tension chain system to prevent over-tightening, it also features a low kickback bar and built-in chain brake for additional safety, automatic oil lubrication, and built-in oil reservoir with window level indicator.

Raving Online Review: “Awesome chainsaw. Cut up the trunk of a cedar tree that was damaged in a storm. At least two feet in diameter. Great power, but it can go through some bar and chain oil. Don’t mess with the 1-quart bottles. Just buy a gallon jug for $7.50 at Walmart and keep an eye on the see-through indicator. Use generously. Would recommend this chainsaw to anyone.” —K. S.

Price: $76.44

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Home Power Tool 3. Wen’s Two Directional Saw 

power tools for the home chain saw

Source: Wen

Every home power tools list needs a directional saw. This WEN saw features an LED flexible light, variable speed from 400–1600 strokes per minute, a 16″x11″ table that’ll bevel up to 45 degrees to the left for angled cuts, cast-iron base, air pump, flex light, dust port, foot lock clamp, onboard storage, and three blades. It’ll cut wood up to 2″ thick with a 16′ throat depth in the standard position.

Raving Online Review: “Very happy with this tool. I’ve used it to build a number of small toys, and this year it played a major role in the construction of an heirloom rocking horse for my nieces. I simply couldn’t have completed that project without this saw. It’s quiet and relatively vibration-free. It definitely works better when you secure it to a work surface. Otherwise, it tends to slide around, which makes it hard to keep your cuts precise. The blades it came with were functional, but not really suited for the thicker stock I was cutting, mostly 2x4s and some 2x8s. They would work, but it was slow going and blades frequently broke. When I got some blades intended for the heavier stock, things went much better. The blades lasted 2–3 times as long. This scroll saw is definitely high quality for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended.” —DanV

Price: $84.56

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Home Power Tool 4: Telescoping Electric Pole Chainsaw

pole saw tools for the home

Source: Sun Joe

Perfect for anyone with surrounding trees in the home, this pole chainsaw helps you dodge offending branches. You can leave your ladder in the shed because this telescoping pole extends to 8.7 feet and provides 15 feet of overhead reach, 6.5-amp motor that cuts branches up to 7.5-inch thick, 8-inch Oregon cutting bar, and chain with automatic lubrication.

Raving Online Review: “GREAT POLE SAW! I am in construction, so I know my tools. Received it the other day and took it out to my property to trim the oak limbs to make way for a 13′ tall RV. This worked perfectly. Cut 6-inch oak limbs, NO PROBLEM. Very sharp blade. Easy to operate. Be sure to order the bar oil with it. A chainsaw without bar oil will only last a few uses before it starts to fall apart. Also order another chain with it, $11, so you will always have a spare on hand. I hit a rock when cutting down low and ruined the chain, had a back up so no problem. You can always sharpen the chain with a file, but takes time and expertise to do it properly. All in all for the price this product is undervalued in my opinion. Its not a commercial tool, but a very good around-the-house tool.” —Jim W – Houston

Price: $62.99

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Home Power Tool 5. Leaf Blower

leaves blower

Source: Greenworks

For any Mister or Misses Fixit who wants to speed up the raking process — and look cool doing so — this leaf blower does more than blow leaves. You’ll be able to clear debris all year around; including leaves, pushing everything to a targeted area in the yard for easy and fun cleanup. This Greenworks leaf blower has a 7-mp motor, lightweight design, and safety cord lock feature to prevent cord from disconnecting,

Raving Online Review: “I purchased this item in early spring as I have a neighbor with a tree that doesn’t shed all of its leaves until mid-December. It’s always a daunting task to rake them all up, even in a relatively small brownstone backyard. A friend suggested a blower. I needed something lightweight and easy, this was the choice. It was so helpful in getting between the nooks behind the grill, AC condenser, and behind the bushes. It was quiet and simple to operate. Couldn’t be happier, in fact, I just ordered one for my 90-year-young Mother.” —T. Merele Williams

Price: $26.98+ (available with or without cord)

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Home Power Tool #6. Cordless Ratchet 


Source: Milwaukee

What’s a home power tools list without a good old ratchet? Believe us when we say mechanics and repair pros love this because this cordless ratchet features a recessed forward-backward switch, low-profile head design, onboard fuel gauge, LED lighting on the front, and a smart chip to communicate with the M12 battery plugged into it (which prevents overheating and damage). Battery not included.

Raving Online Review: “I’ve spent many years as a professional mechanic without a 3/8″ electric ratchet (I had a wimpy 1/4” Skil brand that lacked torque, before), depending instead on air ratchets, but my new shop doesn’t have a permanent air system yet, and listening to a portable compressor run sucked, so I purchased the bare tool (same M12 batteries my other tools use) to do a Mercedes water pump that uses about a dozen Torx E bolts buried where a manual ratchet would have been very slow and tedious. This tool offers plenty to torque at 35 foot-pounds to remove or install bolts (or nuts) that have been broken free of tightened toque (using a manual ratchet or this unit AS a manual ratchet) even if stubbornly tight from rust/sealant/etc. HF offers an electric ratchet that advertises 60 foot-pounds, but frankly that can be too much for comfort or safety with small fasteners, and the lighter, cheaper, and shorter (more convenient) Milwaukee ratchet is perfect IMO.” —Bobinyelm

Price: $88.99

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Home Power Tool #7. Jig Saw 

dewalt - saw

Source: Dewalt

This 20-volt DeWalt jig-saw is a beauty. It features an all-metal lever-action keyless blade, all-metal keyless shoe bevel, and four-position orbital action. The battery and charger are sold separately.

Raving Online Review: “It has a powerful motor. It easily cuts right through 2X6s using the wood blade that came with it. It more than fulfills my expectations as most DeWalt power tools do. DeWalt 20-volt batteries interchange with other DeWalt tools, which is an asset. The batteries hold up well over time. I like this tool’s grip and comfort in-hand. It is substantial and should last years to come. My motto: He who ends up with the most tools wins.” —Tryka

Price: $157.99+ (available with a variety of accessories)

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And there you have it folks, 7 must-have home power tools that you can buy on Amazon. If you have a home power tool at home that you bought from Amazon that you think should be on this list, leave a comment below or message us on our Facebook fan page.

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