27 May

If you’re looking for easy DIY home renos to increase property value, then you’re in luck. These simple changes can help improve your home’s perceived value instantly. Here are 10 effortless home renovations you can do yourself.

1. Give the front door and lawn areas a facelift

Visitors can easily judge your home based on the look of the front door, which is why it is essential to keep it new and welcoming. Simple DIYs, such as repainting the front door, replacing old porch light fixtures and doormats, or even thorough cleaning of the front door area, can instantly improve the facial appeal of your home.

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The entrance is a big part of any home and has weight on the bottom line. You should also tidy up the lawn by trim any overgrown bushes and ensuring the compound is groomed.

2. Create relaxing spots around the home

relaxing spot pegoda
People love to create new memories and have spots where family members or friends can sit and relax, they will have an impact on the overall value. You could extend the deck, create gravel gardens, or set up a standalone tented area to offer relaxing spots where new memories can be created.

There are various DIY ideas for memory spots and you can even have vegetation around the area. Everyone loves extra seating zones around the home, especially if it looks unique and amazing.

3. Plant, prune and trim trees

prune tree
Trees around your home provide shade and fantastic landscape, so if you are strapped for ideas to improve your space, start planting some trees and vegetation. However, planting alone isn’t enough. You need to keep the trees kempt to bring out the intended appeal and value.

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Nobody likes a shady garden with all sorts of freeform branches and twigs. You should prune and trim trees, or they will grow into undesirable bushes and logs. You can make a habit of trimming and pruning your fences, including all flowers and decorative vegetation around your home.

4. Add a raised garden to the landscape

raised garden
Speaking of planting trees and flowers, a raised garden bed can quickly become the center of your home’s attraction. If you have space in your front or backyard, installing a raised garden on the landscape gives you the chance to create breathtaking spaces.

You can plant vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruits and decorative plants with colorful flowers and leaves. A garden is one of the easy DIY projects you can add to your home’s exterior and appeals to anyone big on self-reliance and organically homegrown food.

5. Light up the entryway

front door ligting
If your entryway does not receive enough natural light, you can install stylish light posts that add to the external appeal leading into the house. You can also use overhead lighting fixtures, such as wall sconces.

Soft wattage lights work perfectly for most entryways. You also have the freedom to use different light sources and colors. Simply make sure the entryway is well lit both day and night.

6. Upgrade home fixtures

home fixtures
You should check for old fixtures that require replacement, especially if you are looking to lease or sell the house. People love new spaces and installations. Replacing worn-out fixtures and making necessary repairs to existing appliances can improve the value of your home instantly.

You can replace the switches, covers, doorknobs, hooks, and any other present fixtures that need a better look for the entryway. It is also essential to go round the house, checking for fixtures that need improvement.

For instance, you can replace the interior entryway seat to offer a more comfy spot for those quick chats with the neighbor.

7. Paint rooms with fresh neutral colors

home fixtures
If both your front door and entryway look great, the next space to focus on is your living room. A simple DIY that will improve the face value of your home immediately is repainting all interior living room walls and all other interior walls for that matter.

Use fresh neutral colors, especially when selling, to retain a wide range of people. Painting is one of the easiest DIY to accomplish and also reasonably inexpensive compared to other renovations.

You can repair the flaws on your walls before repainting to provide a beautiful canvas ready for decoration.

8. Keep an organized, well lit decorated living room

well light organized living room
The living room should be well organized to reduce clutter and provide functionality for users.

Think of your living room like an office with specific fixtures in their predetermined positions. You should also improve the lighting fixtures and options for your living room to ensure it is well lit during the day and night.

If you are into art, consider adding wall paintings, centerpieces, house plants and other decorations to spruce up the living room.

9. Facelift the kitchen

Kitchen renovations are often considered some of the most costly, as they might involve upgrading the entire cabinetry, floor and countertops. However, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on improving your kitchen. It all depends on your budget and the current condition of your space. You could purchase new cabinets, give them a fresh paint, or stain them.

The painting will instantly change the look of the room, so you can choose white cabinets for a brighter kitchen. Another option is to replace the countertops with new quick fixes, change the cabinet knobs, handles ad pulls, or use new kitchen hardware for instant value addition.

Choose appliances with the Energy Star rating, which is a requirement that most buyers seek.

10. Add post caps to fence and deck posts

Post caps are known to both add style and value to your home. They have two functions: decorative and protective.

They complete fence design and prevent them from rot and decay caused by moisture and elements that accumulate inside of them. Choosing the right post cap is the final touch to an appealing garden.

The right decor will leave an impact on your guests during summer gatherings, making your house more alluring.


There are several other little tweaks you can add value to your home without technical support. You can find tutorials online or skim social media platforms like Pinterest for new ideas. If you are on a budget, you will probably renovate one section at a time, so it is essential to have a grand plan that allows you to achieve uniformity when the renovations are completed. Believe you’ve got more? Comment below with your value-adding home DIY renos.

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