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21 Apr

17 Garden Fence Ideas And Styles That’ll Add Personality To Your Home
By: Xtreme eDeals

It can sometimes be hard work choosing a boundary fence for your property.

Then, you have to decide which style of garden fence to install that will work in harmony with both your home and boundary fence.

If you lack inspiration, these garden fence ideas below may be helpful. 

Garden Fence Idea 1. Rustic Rails

merry pad

Source: MerryPad

Using what nature has discarded, you can build a beautiful rustic rail fence around your garden that acts as a boundary.

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It can prevent pets from accessing your prized vegetables, but it can also add a sense of whimsy to any property. Such a fence style also doesn’t cost a lot to produce. 

Garden Fence Idea 2. Wood And Wire

wood and wire

Source: Nathyypa

If your garden fencing is both for function and aesthetics, consider a combination of wood and wire.

A wood panel fence can add to the beauty of your property, but the wire can stop pesky critters from accessing your vegetables and flowers. Such fencing is also affordable and easy to erect. 

Garden Fence Idea 3. Deer Fencing

fence - wire

Source: RachelEvolve

If you live somewhere where wild deer roam, you may find yourself frustrated at how quickly they can decimate your vegetable garden.

If your property boundary fence is not enough to stop unwanted visitors, erect deer fencing with wire and wood or wire and metal around your prized patches. 

Garden Fence Idea 4. Feature Fence

gardening fence

Source: Hoerwin56

Why should a garden fence be strictly functional? Add some excitement to your backyard by creating a fence that represents who you are.

You can even put your retired garden tools to good use by creating fence palings out of them. 

Garden Fence Idea 5. Wood Palings


Source: Analogicus

Not everyone has the budget for a tradesperson or the best building materials money can buy.

In that case, create a simple yet effective wood paling fence. Use recycled materials where possible, and you can even give it a lick of paint to hide any imperfections and brighten up your backyard. 

Garden Fence Idea 6. Iron Fence

white picket fence

Source: Islandworks

The problem that many people have with privacy fences and protection fences is that they stop light and sunshine from being able to reach the garden or patio space.

Combat that problem with a simple iron fence.

They are strong, low maintenance, and allow for total sun exposure. 

Garden Fence Idea 7. Log Fencing

log fencing

Source: Antranias

If you have access to logs around your property, turn them into a beautiful rustic garden fence.

Not only is it an affordable option, but it can be an incredibly strong one that holds up well to the elements. It also doesn’t take a qualified fence to erect such a fence. 

Garden Fence Idea 8. Wrought Iron

wrought iron fence

Source: Congerdesign

Property maintenance can be hard work, particularly when all your time is already taken up with tending to your garden.

Avoid much of that maintenance by investing in wrought iron garden fences. They require next to no care yet add so much charm and character to your property. 

Garden Fence Idea 9. Mesh And Post

mesh posts

Image: MabelAmber

Rather than spend a fortune on a garden fence that’s simply there to keep out wildlife, opt for something a little cheaper.

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Mesh and post fences are not the most aesthetically pleasing option, but they are one of the most affordable while also being practical.

Such fences are also ones you can erect yourself to save money. 

Garden Fence Idea 10. Bamboo Fencing

bamboo fencing

Source: MabelAmber

If you are on the hunt for eco-friendly, sustainable, and robust materials for your garden fence, set your sights on bamboo.

Not only does this material hold up well to the elements, but it can also offer much-needed privacy. You can now spend time out in your garden without the neighbors watching your every move. 

Garden Fence Idea 11. Recycled And Reclaimed

recycled fencing

Source: Capri23auto

Not everyone wants a boring fence for their property – and that’s okay.

You can add a little spice to your garden with a fence made with recycled and reclaimed materials. Whatever you have lying around your shed can quickly become a fence.

Why not get creative with old license plates? You’ll want to spend every waking moment in your garden. 

Garden Fence Idea 12. Bright And Beautiful


Source: Peggy_Marco

Many people love having a natural fence that blends in with their surroundings. Although, some people also want their fence to stand out.

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You’ll likely always have a smile on your face while gardening or enjoying your patio area if your fence is painted a vibrant, beautiful color. It could be time to haul out the paintbrushes. 

Garden Fence Idea 13. Criss-Cross Design


Source: Congerdesign

Make access to your garden next to impossible for your cats and dogs by installing a criss-cross design fence.

Not only can it be a statement piece in your garden, but it can also prevent your vegetables and flowers from being trampled or eaten by the family pets. 

Garden Fence Idea 14. Rock And Vegetation


Source: ajs1980518

Some people just want a subtle divide between their garden and the rest of their home, rather than a large, imposing fence. In that case, consider using a combination of rocks and vegetation.

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The rocks can form the majority of the fence while crawling and creeping plants can hide it from view. It adds some brilliant cottage charm to any property. 

Garden Fence Idea 15. Simple Grating


Source: Kim_Hester

It might take you weeks, or even months, to grow your favorite plants to maturity. It can take the family pooch just seconds to destroy them.

As a temporary or permanent measure, erect simple metal grating along the areas your dog is known to venture. All you need are a few fence posts to nail it to, and you’ve got an effective garden barrier.

Garden Fence Idea 16. Hedges


Source: Anaterate

If you already have a garden fence that you find to be quite unsightly, give it a new lease on life.

You can plant a hedge in front or behind it, which can eventually hide that fence out of sight. Hedges are also easy-care and cost-effective. All they require is your time. 

Garden Fence Idea 17. Farm Fencing


Source: Viarami

Living rurally means that a larger number and variety of animals try to gain access to your property.

Fortunately, if you have any leftover fencing materials from your fields and paddocks, you can use them to create a fence around your garden. It won’t stop all critters from munching on your plants, but it can stop the majority. 

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