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Bedrooms are for sleeping, but they are also the place where you store all your possessions, read books, and relax. So, given that the average person will spend a third of their life in their bedroom, it’s worth investing in furniture that can foster an environment of relaxation, style, and balance. Here are 20 wall-mounted nightstands and cabinets that we believe check those boxes. 

1. Spark Shell Craft Floating Entryway Shelf

wall mount

Source: Etsy

If you want to welcome a retro vibe into your bedroom, then you can achieve just that with this mid-century-style wall cabinet from Spark Shell Craft

It blends in beautifully with a home’s entranceway, but can also serve a purpose in the bedroom, as well. With beautiful two-tone coloring and soft corners, it’s bound to suit any wall and any home style. 

2. Perkinsville Nightstand

Source: Wayfair

This single drawer nightstand from Perkinsville is all about making you stand out from the crowd. Not only does it boast a brilliant industrial style, but an eclectic mix of materials rarely found in bedroom nightstands. The black metal top frame is easy-care, while the solid oak drawer is functional for all your goods. If you’ve got limited space, this floating nightstand might be right for you. 

3. WoodekDesign Scandinavian Floating Nightstand

wall mounted cabine

Source: Etsy

With a beautiful oiled oak finish and conservative dimensions, this handmade nightstand from WoodekDesign will likely suit anyone lacking space but demanding style. It features European oak wood and is the perfect accompaniment to a bedroom. Use it to house your books, accessories, and more, and all without a bulky floor stand to get in your way. 

4. Shelton Woodworks Floating Bedside Table

cabinet wall mount

Source: Amazon

With a sophisticated pine wood finish and high-quality design, there’s every reason to love this rustic bedside table from Shelton Woodworks. It has a single cubby for all your bits and bobs, not to mention a dark walnut stain for that beautiful rustic finish. 

5. Etta Wall Cabinet

wall mount

Source: Urban Outfitters

Why stick with wood when you don’t have to? This white metal cabinet is the ideal addition to any bedroom, bathroom, or office. From the beautiful curves along the side to the cubby with a lock for those special treasures, what more could you need? This versatile piece from Etta is a game-changer in a crowded nightstand and cabinet market. 

6. Old Glory Wood Shop Floating Nightstand

Source: Amazon

In today’s mass production world, it’s sometimes nice to get back to basics with long-forgotten artistry. That’s why these floating nightstands from Old Glory Wood Shop are in hot demand. They are made in the USA with hardwood and are the ideal addition for the storage of books, lamps, and more. Most importantly, they are made with love and care. 

7. Spark Shell Craft Contemporary Floating Nightstand

Source: Amazon

Welcome a sense of style and elegance into your bedroom with this floating nightstand from Spark Shell Craft. Canadian made and beautifully contemporary, what’s not to love? This nightstand has no handle, flip-open door, and a simple installation process. The icing on the cake is the striking gray color scheme against the lovely wood center. 

8. Spark Shell Craft Mini Cubby

Source: Amazon

Not every bedroom has space for a full-size floating nightstand or cabinet. In that case, opt for something a little smaller. This mini cubby from Spark Shell Craft might be the answer. This Canadian-made MDF cubby is all about providing storage in small spaces. Make use of the interior and top space and get rid of that bedroom clutter. 

9. Emfogo Floating Shelf

Source: Amazon

Whether you lack space or want a clean, seamless look in your bedroom, this nightstand can help. Brought to the market by Emfogo, it’s a contemporary yet rustic bedroom addition with a lot to offer. You get to pick from three finishes, and all come with one or two drawers for storage. They can comfortably hold up to 22 pounds of weight and feature solid wood with a carbonized black color. 

10. Amada Home Furnishing Store Bedside Shelf

Source: Amazon

While wall-mounted nightstands are all the rage, there’s no reason why you can’t also have a bed-mounted nightstand. This beautiful bamboo shelf hooks onto the side rail of your bed frame to offer convenient bedside storage. 

It holds up to 33 pounds of weight, has adjustable clamps, and doesn’t scratch your bed thanks to anti-scratching pads. Both adults and children can see the value in this product from Amada Home Furnishing Store. 

11. Spark Shell Craft Denali Floating Nightstand

Source: Amazon

Achieve that clutter-free, minimalist approach in your bedroom thanks to this floating nightstand from Spark Shell Craft. Thanks to its all-white color scheme, it’s crisp, clean, and ready to provide you with a solution. Make use of the flip door, and install it on your wall with ease. This nightstand even offers cable storage for convenience. 

12. Welland Floating Shelves

Source: Amazon

Whether you need storage in your bedroom, hall, or somewhere else, this versatile floating shelf from Welland might be the answer. It ticks all the boxes for sturdiness courtesy of the MDF materials, and it even has two drawers for storage. 

13. Spark Shell Craft Floating Nightstand Drawer

Source: Amazon

If you want to make sure your bedroom is a place of rest or relaxation, this floating nightstand from Spark Shell Craft can assist. With its lovely white lacquer finish and smooth-closing drawer, it’s all about elegance and balance. The minimalistic design is also sure to help you achieve that clutter-free approach to your sleeping space. 

14. Urbansize Floating Bedside Drawer

Source: Etsy

This painted beechwood floating bedside drawer from Urbansize is bound to lighten any bedroom with ease. It brings a sense of calmness in its coastal design and is both practical and beautiful at the same time. The best part is, it features 100% solid wood, unlike many bedside cabinets that use veneer.   

15. Shoebridge & Co Floating Wall-Mounted Nightstands

Source: Amazon

These beautiful wall-mounted nightstands from Shoebridge & Co are handcrafted and designed to suit most bedrooms. From the dark walnut finish that promotes a rustic vibe to the dovetail drawer for careful and robust storage, they are bound to be a firm favorite with many shoppers. 

16. Krovel Furniture Co. Wall-Mounted Floating Nightstands

Source: Amazon

If storage space has always been a problem in your bedroom, then let Krovel Furniture Co’s floating nightstand solve it. This beautiful solid walnut nightstand has both a storage cubby and a drawer. Every piece is built by hand and joined with a 45-degree miter for a seamless grain. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

17. South Shore Sazena Nightstand

Source: Amazon

If your ideal nightstand is one that clears clutter while looking fabulous at the same time, then let South Shore deliver. This wall-mounted nightstand is a functional piece of furniture that’s available in four color finishes. It’s easy to assemble, versatile for any room in the house, and blends in seamlessly with both classic and contemporary décor. What’s not to love? 

18. Spark Shell Craft Floating Nightstand

Source: Amazon

With a mid-century and modern appeal, you can’t help but be impressed by this floating nightstand from Spark Shell Craft. It has an open-flip door, no handles, and a beautiful white finish with a wood center. This stunning nightstand is also made in Canada. 

19. Good Thing Seed Wall Shelf

Source: WestElm

Here’s one of the quirkiest wall-mounted nightstands from the list. It’s all too easy to lose those finicky, small items like pens, lipstick, diaries, and tweezers, but that doesn’t have to be a problem for you. These tiny stands can end up being the most versatile thing you own in your bedroom or bathroom. Brought to the market by Good Thing, they are available in light brown and adhere to most walls with ease. 

20. Greenco Floating Shelves

Source: Amazon

If you lack storage space in the bedroom, then these floating shelves with a difference from Greenco might be for you. They tuck neatly into a 90-degree corner and are available in three sleek finishes. These MDF laminate shelves might just solve all your bedtime storage problems.

What do you think of our list of mounted-wall nightstands and cabinets? If you have other interesting ideas or comments that you’d like to add to this list, feel free to message us in real time on our Facebook fan page

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