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12 May

12 Deck Trends Remodel Your Yard And Make Your Home The Place To Meet
By: Xtreme eDeals

If you’re looking to give your yard a fun and stylish facelift, the 12 deck trends below shade all the boxes.

Let’s get right into it!

Deck Trend 1: Update your railings

deck railing deck trend

Let’s face it, a deck is not a proper deck without a railing around it.

It is considered to be one of the best ways to spruce up the entire look of your deck and make it look more inviting.

So naturally, one of the best ways to make it better is to update the railing system you already have, or just to add one altogether!

Nowadays, metal balusters are just what is considered trendy.

It does not matter if the railings are wood or metal, when the individual balusters are metal, it immediately elevates the entire look!

Also, what you can do is add the balusters horizontally instead of the usual way – vertically.

Deck Trend 2: Add lighting to your railing

light deck railing - resize

If you are someone who enjoys and appreciates nature during the day as well as during the night, then listen up.

This next deck trend is something you might like!

Add some LED lights to the bottom of the deck.

The lights will not only accentuate the border (the railing) but will also give up for quite a romantic look! You will have a subtle, yet full look at every corner of your deck.

Adding some lights beneath the railing is such a big trend right now, it provides a fashionable and clean look for your deck.

Deck Trend 3: Add decorative inserts

gate inserts

Privacy wall and gate inserts add that extra charm to a deck and yard.

It turns a bland wall or gate into a unique piece that is both practical and stylish!

Your friends and family will definitely notice and comment on them.

Deck Trend 4: A living room but outdoors

patio furniture

If you are looking for something that will take your deck to the next level, then this is something that would suit you perfectly!

Once again, if you are a great lover of the outdoors, but want to be comfortable while sitting on the deck and have the indoor feeling, why not try to achieve that?

We are certain that the comfortable feel is something that you would be able to take outside with you.

What you need to be aware of when creating an indoor space outdoors is the type of furniture, pick something more durable, and outdoor-friendly, yet has a more homey feel and is comfortable for sitting for a longer period.

Don’t forget the basics: a sofa, two chairs, and a table, and then everything else follows.

Plants, pillows, candles, magazines, side tables, maybe even a mini bar!

If you feel like investing in the space more than the usual person, why not splurge and get a TV?

An outdoor TV is just the thing you need if you are hosting game nights or barbecues very often.

Deck Trend 5: Level up your outdoor kitchen

deck trend outdoor trend

Whenever you sit outside in a restaurant and wish you have the same feeling in the comfort of your backyard, remember that everything you can dream, you can create.

In this case, create a kitchen outside.

Creating an outdoor kitchen will give some edge to the usually normal space that is reserved for barbecues and grills.

Go a step further and add a small fridge and a sink too.

This will work beautifully, especially if you have a large sitting area.

Just add a nice big outdoor table, maybe some metal chairs, and you have yourself the perfect kitchen outside.

Deck Trend 6: The bar is open

outdoor bar

As the summer season approaches, the level of creativity increases!

People have all sorts of backyard grills, gatherings, parties, and so on.

In this case, the best entertainment you can have to ensure that the party will go on well into the night is creating an open bar in the open.

See what budget you might have for it and start preparing it – you can choose the size, the drinks that will be served, and the theme of the bar – it is all up to your imagination.

Deck Trend 7: Control the temperature

outdoor heater

This deck trend means that we no longer have to endure the hotness of the outside weather during those long and hot summer days or the cool autumn and winter weather!

Nowadays you can add a temperature control feature on your deck, it is an easy and effective way to take over the control of the temperatures and yet remain outside.

Add some fans and cool off during the summer and add heating fans and use your deck throughout the entire year.

Deck Trend 8: Add pergola


The pergolas are a unique way to add some tropical spirit to your deck.

Thanks to their incredible design, they can offer a little bit of shade, a little bit of breeze, and a lot of space for some crawling plants to expand all over.

Don’t hesitate and add some roofer beams and rafters, and enjoy your tropical summer in the comfort of your yard.

You and your guests will love sitting there and enjoying the partial sun, and the natural colours you can pick for the pergola too.

Deck Trend 9: Relax and unwind

hot tub inflatable

It is not about having a glamorous backyard but rather a place where you can relax and enjoy an afternoon or an evening.

This is why you should add anything on and around your deck that makes you feel relaxed.

You can add anything that comes to your mind if you want a hammock, add that, if you are thinking about a swing, incorporate that!

You can even go as far as adding a hot tub and creating the perfect lounge area.

Anything you put your mind to, check if it would fit and add it!

Deck Trend 10: Add a splash of color

summer outdoor

Since the primary reason for investing in a deck is sitting out there during the summer days, then you need to make the deck a more inviting space by adding a lot of happy colors!

Whether you go for bright pink, blue, yellow, or green, the colors will spruce up the place immediately and make it seem more https://riwaqalazhar.com inviting and welcoming.

You will love spending your time there, and your guests will fall head over heels for any colors you choose.

You can choose some furniture in bright colors, or just add some small details, like the pillows or candles, the choice is really up to you, and you cannot go wrong with it, we assure you!

Deck Trend 11: Little gardens

outdoor gardens

This is an excellent option for all those people who love to cook with fresh ingredients.

You can grow your herbs, veggies, and fruits, and do it from the comfort of your own home.

At this point it doesn’t matter how big your deck is, all you need is a lot of pots and soil, and your preferred seeds that you will be planting.

Check if the deck can offer some sunlight (since they might need it) and start planting!

On the other hand, if you are one of those people who have a deep appreciation for plants, you can choose the flowers and plants which are most up to your liking and plant them!

Pick some interesting pots, maybe rectangular ones, see if you have the option to create a vertical garden, and start planting!

Deck trend 12: Add post caps

increase property value - post caps

Post caps are a great way to give your deck posts an extra pop.

Not only do they make your decks and fences last longer, they also increase the overall value of your home.

They come in different shapes and sizes and are easy on the eyes as they are easy on your wallet.


There are plenty of different ways to make your deck look happy and welcoming.

The materials you can use to upgrade your deck are endless.

You can add some lights, some wood, metal, and even a TV!

The only thing you need to make sure of is that you have a solid foundation to build on, or just refurnish the entire deck, why not?

The deck trends we have laid out for you here are all the rage this year.

We are hoping we have provided you with some satisfactory options, happy redecorating!

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