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11 Feb

20 Modern Fence Design Ideas That’ll Level Up Your Curb Appeal
By: Xtreme eDeals

When you are looking into adding a new fence or upgrading your existing one, there are plenty of do’s and don’ts that you need to take into consideration.

Depending on whether you are after something that is pleasing to the eye or pleasing for the soul, here are some modern options we think you’ll like.

Let’s get right into it!

Modern fence design idea 1. Metal black horizontal slats

modern fence design idea - black and white

We are starting off our modern fence design list with this contemporary look mostly because you cannot go wrong with timeless black and white.

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The sleek metal design and strong black color, whether it is shiny or matt, would make for an incredible and simple look.

Modern fence design idea 2. Wooden horizontal slats

modern fence design idea 2 brown fence

While we are on the subject of slats, the wooden horizontal ones are equally stunning.

They are considered to be quite https://visitlcvalley.com/ stylish and trendy. You can paint them in any color you like, especially brown – if you are looking for a boho look.

Modern design idea 3. Full concrete walls

modern fence design ideas stone

For those of you that have an extra appreciation for privacy and want to keep as far away from the public eye as possible, the concrete fence is the way to go!

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If you are looking into adding some edge to the wall, just add some geometric lines and it will look fantastic!

Modern fence design idea 4: Combine bricks and metal

fence design idea white grey

If you already have a stone or a brick wall, this can make up for the perfect upgrade!

You can remove small bits of the wall or bricks and replace them with a metal horizontal construction. Paint the entire fence in one color and voila – you have an incredible new wall!

Modern fence design idea 5: Timber fence, but make it vertical

modern fence design idea

This is a very unique way to make a fence that would be so visually appealing, everyone would be looking at your yard!

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It looks amazing, especially in a dark brown color!

Modern fence design idea 6. A bamboo fence

modern fence design brown

Looking for something with a dramatic flair, but still organic?

Then the bamboo is the answer to all of your questions. It is very easy to build and provides the perfect cover from the outside world.

Modern fence design idea 7. A gabion wall

modern fence design stones and wood

This particular type of wall is one of the most difficult ones to make, but it is also as beautiful as they come!

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You have the liberty of choosing colorful stones, whether light or dark. Make sure they are carefully stacked on top of each other, without much space between them.

Modern fence design idea 8. Say yes to glass

modern fence design idea glass wood

The ideal screen when it comes to privacy is a fence made from frosted glass. Basically, these types of panels are very stylish, cool and provide great cover.

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You can combine them with a wooden or a metal frame, either way it would result in an incredible fence.

Modern fence design idea 9. Steel fence, contemporary style

modern fence design idea - black stone

If you want to add some appeal to your fence, then we would suggest some black metal pieces!

Bind them up a bit and stack them in a vertical line along the line where your fence would be. They look amazing and pose as a great fence!

Modern fence design idea 10: Combine metal and wood

modern fence design - wood and forest

Without investing a lot of your time and sacrificing the overall look of the outdoor space, the combination of wood and metal is an incredible option.

You can easily customize it by painting it any colors you like, it will definitely spruce up your yard.

Modern fence design idea 11: Pallet fence

modern fence design ideas - trees

Have you ever considered a down-to-earth, rustic look, but did not have a clue how to achieve it?

Try getting a larger number of pallets, put them together and create a fence that has a lovely rustic look, and does not even take that much to make!

Modern fence design 12: Horizontal slats, but make them white

fence design idea - white

This is the flawless look you wished you had tried sooner.

Etched with style, the all-white fence is simple to do, quite durable, and just as easy to maintain. You will fall in love with it as soon as it is put up!

Modern fence design idea 13. Panels out of solid metal

modern fence design idea copper privacy

For those of you who are after a contemporary, edgy, modern, sophisticated, then the metal panels are the best choice for you.

Stack them up in any way you want – they look perfect!

Modern fence design 14. Find and add some etched metal panels

modern fence design leaf

Spruce up a tough-looking space with the assistance of etched metal screen panels.

Add one or two of them wherever you can, maybe add it to your front door to your yard as well, it will provide for a charming, lovely look.

Modern fence design idea 15: How about a hint of green

fence design modern idea

If you are one of those people who want to have an extended view of your garden, the best thing for you do to is, well, actually, extend it yourself!

We mean visually of course, and the easiest way to achieve this type of seamless look is to create a green fence. It will look very good and fun!

Modern fence idea 16. Steel light posts

fence design - lights - modern design

Some people just want to outline their garden and yard, and do it in a minimalist way.

We have quite an option for you – take some steel light posts, line them up as a fence, and voila!

It does not matter if they are large or small, they will fit in perfectly with all the plants and greens in the background, and bring some light into your yard!

Modern fence design idea 17: Square lattice fence

modern fence design wood wicker

Yet again, we come back to the down-to-earth and quaint look.

If you want to outline your garden without closing off your view of the outside, this is the choice we advise you to take.

You can use wood, aluminum, steel – whichever choice you take it will turn out incredible!

Modern fence design ideas 18. Bamboo garden fence

bush fence modern design

This particular type of fence can provide you with privacy like no other fence!

The bamboo grows tall and fast, thus requiring maintenance very often, but they are worth it!

Modern design idea 19. A modern brick and garden fence

modern fence design - wall garden

You are looking into two very different styles and don’t know which one to choose.

The solution is simple – choose them both! Get a brick wall as your fence, and add come vertical garden to a few places here and there.

This is a nice way to elevate the place and it is extremely eye-catching.

Modern fence design idea 20. Not a regular white picket fence

modern fence design idea red fence

Do you want a modern look, but still keep a tiny traditional bit in the overall look?

Then feel free to proceed with a picket fence, but rather than a white, traditional one, go for a bold color – red! The results will be stunning and outrageous!

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