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18 Jul

12 unique garden accessories that you can buy on a budget
By: Xtreme eDeals

If you’re tired of the way your backyard garden looks and looking for ways to liven it up, keep reading.

Below we highlight 12 budget-friendly garden accessories that can take your garden to the next level.

Let’s get right into it.

1. A Butterfly Biome

If you are eager to attract some swallowtails, monarchs, or other winged creatures to your backyard, you can easily do that with the assistance of this amazing biome.

The simplicity here lies in the A-frame that also has a feeding station that folds up and down, and a couple of partitions that could fit your tiny visitors.

There is even an identification guide that comes along with it, making it easier for you to identify any visitor that arrives.

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2. Post Caps That Increase Property Value

post caps fence copy

If you’re looking for an easy way to both increase property value with style, post caps check all the boxes.

They prevent your fence and deck posts from rotting, increasing the overall lifespan of your fence and deck.

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3. Analog Thermometer

You always need a thermometer in the summer that would help you check the temperature outside.

Well, why not do that with style?

This exquisite-looking analog thermometer has a brushed copper finish and is water resistant too.

It is constructed of metal, and this is why it can pose as the ultimate retro element that you need in your garden. It will look lovely and it will be a decoration that you get to use!

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4. Sign With Instructions

Sometimes, no matter if you are going out in a hurry or you have some guests coming in, you need to remind them of a small thing that needs to be done (for example, closing the door).

This is why a lovely sign with instructions is the perfect addition you did not know you needed! This way, instead of reminding your guests to shut the door behind them on their way out, the sign tells them for you.

You can easily find these signs online and they are usually available in several styles, so you can choose the one that will fit your garden perfectly.

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5. Solar-Powered Lights

If you have some beautiful flower beds and you want to show them off, even at the night, then these types of lights are the perfect way to do that!

They are small, but they are pretty powerful and, if placed in the right positions, they can light up an entire garden and make it look even more wonderful! You can even get some solar-powered lights that are made out of colorful recycled glass.

This is just the thing you need if you want to step up your garden game. These colorful solar lights are marvelous to admire during the day, and they give incredible light during the night.

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6. Bell Chimes From Copper

Whenever you are working in the background of your garden, you are probably bound to want to listen to some music.

Well, the copper bell chimes can help you do just that! Make sure to put these bell chimes up on your patio and experience the magic that they can bring to you!

You will be amazed by how a couple of copper bells tied together can bring you some peace. They catch the breeze and they produce music!

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7. Any String Lights Are Perfect

If a lovely glow is what you are after, then this is just the thing for you!

The string lights can create an amazing light that you can enjoy during those summer nights, and there is always a perfect spot in the garden just for them! If you want to take things a step further, try finding flower string lights.

They can give your garden an authentic look and a romantic feel. Each bulb will be surrounded by gentle flower petals and it will create a fairytale look.

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8. Get A Happy Flag!

A simple flag will bring a lot of joy and happiness to your home and to the home of your neighbors too.

You can easily brighten your block by adding a happy flag in your garden that can even be visible from the street! We suggest adding a “we’re all in this together” flag.

This will not only show a sense of unity but is also bound to put a smile on people’s faces.

Make sure to get a flag that is made out of weather-resistant polyester, so you will be guaranteed to have it for a long period.

9. Bee Drinking Station

Okay, this does seem like it falls under the “out there” ideas category but is a very interesting one that benefits all parties involved.

This can easily be considered an art piece that will spruce up your outdoor space.

It is a ball that can hold water onto its surface and it enables the bees to get a quick sip of water while they are working around your garden. They will be grateful and you will be doing a good deed.

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10. Lovely Watering Can

You are bound to get a smile on your face every time you get this watering can out.

You ask why?

It is because it is filled with all the colors or patterns you can imagine!

What we can suggest in this case is opting for a modern and abstract look, for example – ferns!

They are guaranteed to blend well into your garden mood, whichever that is, and we always like it when tools can be turned into a piece of art! You will love watering your plants!

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11. Starter Nest Made From Wool

Invite birds to become residents in your backyard by creating this wool nest starter.

All you need to do is find (or create) a steel frame that you could hang on a branch or your porch and fill it up with wool – that is it!

This is a great way for you to make some feathery friends. And in the winter, once they migrate south, you can take the wool out and add a seed ball.

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12. Decorative Inserts

gate inserts - fence

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up any door or privacy wall, gate inserts sure make a whole world of a difference.

They instantly give fence doors and walls a facelift!

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