07 Jul

Must-See Door Décor Ideas
By: Xtreme eDeals

No matter the size, the door space should always be inviting and should leave a good first impression.

A great way of conveying this is with touches of door design via door decor.

Below we highlight classic door decor ideas that you can apply as early as today.

Let’s get right into it!

1. Decorative Plaque With Address

decorative plaque - resize

If you have some space over your front door and want to do something that anyone would notice, then why not create a custom plaque?

This is something that will definitely help you stand out from all of your neighbors. There are plenty of styles to choose from, from traditional to minimalist and modern styles.

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2. A Fancy Door Knocker

door knocker

If you are looking for timeless elegance, then this is something you should add to your front door! The door knocker has always been considered an incredible addition to any front décor, and we had to mention it.

The doorbell is, of course, the most practical solution, but a door knocker will make people fall in love before even stepping into the home. There is just something magical about it. Also, there are plenty of styles to choose from so you don’t have to worry if it is going to fit the style you are going for.

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3. Hang A Flower Basket

flower basket resize

If you want to hang something on your front door, hear us out – picture a flower basket. If this is something that puts a smile on your face once you think about it, then it is time to execute it! It will give such a gentle and romantic touch to the entire space, you are going to love it!

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4. A Standing Welcome Sign

welcome home resize

We can understand how this might sound a bit strange, but a vertical welcome sign might be exactly what you need to make your front door space look welcoming! It will look far from dull, it will set you apart from all the other doors and it will give you a touch of originality.

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5. Monogram Your Doormat

custon door mats

Now, this is considered a classic! If you live in a building and there is not much freedom when it comes to decorating your front door, you can always turn to the one thing that will never let you down (because it is an absolute necessity) – the doormat! This will not only look nice in the dull face of an empty hall filled with doors but will also help your guests if they need to identify your home. You can have it monogrammed very easily!

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6. Decorative Inserts

gate inserts


This door decor idea is more for your fence or gate doors. If you’re looking to spruce up a bland fence and door, adding a decorative piece instantly gives it a touch of rustic charm.

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7. Wreath Made From Eucalyptus


If you want to make a fresh and clean statement, then this is the thing for you. A eucalyptus wreath is just an amazing thing that you could create and decorate your front door with! It looks amazing, it provides a clean look without being too flashy, and you can put it up any time of the year.

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8. Flanked By Planters

flanked by planters

If you are thinking about ways to fill up the space on both sides of your door, think about this option. Just add some potted plants and create the feeling of a grand gateway. The pots with plants can be anything you want – from some flowers to a small tree, there are endless options!

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9. Some Stylish Sconces


If your door has some wiring hanging out, why not make some use of them? Get some interesting lanterns and spruce up the place! There are always plenty of options for you to choose from, so get the ones that you like the most, install them and enjoy the elevated space you have created.

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10. Vintage Mail Slot

vintage mail slot box

Sound very interesting, right? Mail carriers don’t walk up to the front doors anymore in most cases, but this addition is guaranteed to make them want to take a closer look and even use it! And if you do not want to make holes in your door, then it does not even have to be a real mail slot! You can just add a fake one that looks rustic and you will achieve the style you want!

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11. Wireless Windchime Doorbell

wireless door bell

Every home needs a doorbell. Pair up your doorknocker with the classic windchime doorbell. Dreamy and classic, it’s certain the wind chime doorbell will never go out of style.

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12. A Sitting Space


You really don’t have to try to make the space a bit extra when it comes to the decorating bit. If you have the space, all you can do is add a chair or maybe a small bench that would make the place look better and more welcoming. Having a place to sit will make the space stand out!

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