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27 Oct

Deck Post Cap Ideas: Pick Deck Post Caps That Match Deck Personality
By: Xtreme eDeals

When it comes to improving the overall aesthetics of a deck, the first thing many home designers turn to are deck post caps.

Decorative deck post caps are known to instantly add a touch of elegance to a yard’s curb appeal.

On top of that, post caps increase the lifespan of decks and fences while also increasing the overall property value of your home.

There are many specific post caps available, they vary in size, the material they are made of, style, and color too.

Since there are many options for you to go through, we have decided to touch base on some styles and hopefully help you narrow down your choice.

What Are Deck Post Caps Made Of?

Some of the most common post caps are made of metal, wood, composite, and vinyl.

If you opt for a metal deck post cap, you’ll introduce a modern and contemporary feel to your otherwise regular wooden posts.

On the other hand, if you go for the classic wooden post, you will be able to finish off the look without having any overpowering elements.

Finally, the composite and vinyl post caps are extremely durable and are the option you should go for if you don’t want to replace them again after a while.

Looking Into Different Post Cap Profiles

If you are asking what shape is the best option for your deck, then keep on reading! Since the post caps come in various shapes and sizes, we are looking into some of the most popular ones.

These include flat tops, pyramids, thin flat tops, plateaus, ball tops, and Hatteras.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of them.

Flat Top Deck Post Caps

cedar post caps


These are considered to be very versatile and can provide a timeless appeal to your deck.

They provide the level base to the deck and they blend style and functionality, all in one. These can be used as platforms, where you can safely place a plate or a glass while you are outside.

There are a variety of substyles for you to choose from.

The thin flat post cap adds a delicately featured architectural detail to your fence and the large flat post cap has some decorative edges that can easily complement metal posts, wooden posts, and composite posts too.

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Pyramid Deck Post Caps

4" x 6" Heavy Duty Aluminium Pyramid

4″ x 6″ Heavy Duty Aluminium Pyramid

This is considered the crowning touch to any railing output or outdoor living space.

These types of caps are excellent in providing elegance and simplicity to any deck.

You can place them to fit ideally with your metal or wooden fence posts. They have color-coordinating screws that will make the installation process easier.

Some of the pyramid post caps have a version that acts as a small solar post light or low-voltage post light that could elevate the deck design you are going for.

The light can either go from the top of the pyramid deck post cap, or from the sides down, shining down on your deck posts.

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Plateau Deck Post Caps

The uniqueness of the plateau post caps will accentuate the wonderfulness of your outdoor space.

The ability to function as the middle ground between a flat post and a pyramid post cap makes the plateau tops the perfect choice.

They are extremely leveled and can provide a resting place for any friend or family who visits. Also, it acts as a solid post base too.

There is an interesting post-light version of it, where you can see plenty of small lights from all sides. It can either have the lights turned upwards or illuminate the fence post downward.

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Ball Top Deck Post Caps

If you are looking for a way to make your deck pop and stand out from all the other decks in the neighborhood, then you should be looking into the ball tops!

This is how you will be able to provide a contemporary and edgy look to your deck railing design and provide some support for your family and friends if they want to hold on to something whenever they are passing by.

When it comes to the ball tops, they are usually made from wood, powder-coated aluminum, or a wooden cap base with a plated plastic top.

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Pineapple Deck Post Cap

Ahh for those who love the pinecone pineapple deck post cap, we understand why.

The shape is a legendary classic and is seen in many artworks dating back to ancient iconography. For the deck owner looking to create a timeless and rustic aesthetic, the pineapple deck post cap is an excellent option.

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Post Cap Sizes

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